Find a restaurant on a trip

As soon as we travel, our reference points are sometimes more blurred, especially with regard to restaurants, etc. On holiday, if there is one thing we despise, it is that she falls into the trap of a "tourist catch". And restaurants are often the scene of this type of lucrative activity in tourist hypercentres. For a tailor-made trip, discover the site: .We offer you some simple ideas to find the usual address that will make your trip a success!

What is a good restaurant?

There are, choose a good restaurant. Avoid cards that are too long and offer tons of dishes. This is often a sign of high food use. Avoid tourist centres and hyper-centres in cities that abound with excellent facilities. Listen to additional visitors in the room or on the terrace. Are they mainly from the neighbourhood? If so, it is an exceptional sign! For the more adventurous, you can also ask the waiters for advice so that they can taste the house's specialities. For a wine tasting Week-end and holidays contact experienced professionals. Run away to their theatre which was little with the reels, sometimes very well trained! It is likely that your meal will be shipped quickly for sustainability reasons. And remember: a few unpretentious addresses could be real nuggets!

The buffet at will: for or against?

During family holidays, he is likely to eat out. Indeed, customers can choose their own dish according to their desires. For your hunger, it is possible to consume without paying too much excess. The price of buffets is significantly lower than the cost. The main objective is to save money.

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